Mad Bears Club

Signals Tools

Signals tools that provide you accurate AI signals for entering NFT collection on price spikes and increasing volumes.
💎 We provide Solpix artificial intelligence signals. The bot takes into consideration the latest changes in floor price, volume, listed count and Twitter mentions and generates calls based on the pre-set algorithm. These calls are a great conversation starter and often help you narrow your research.
💎 Pump and dump channel that tracks pumps and dumps in listings prices.
💎 Movers tracker for listings drops and sale spikes. It tracks some sales along side listings count going down and shows a signal. Pretty good tool for finding projects before they pump.
💎 Moving monitor will alert you when a recently listed collection on ME starts to pick up volume. It monitors collections that has released within 2 hours and alerts you when it reaches 100+ Sol Volume. Never miss a project before it moons!
💎 We provide accurate AI Signals with 90%+ win rate. The AI signals uses four different parameters: floor, volume, activities and listing count. It sends snapshots of those 4 parameters for multiple timestamps in the past hour and analyse them. Also it provides past data for volumes, floor price and listing count.