📯NFT Staking

Our holders can stake NFT from our ⁠NFT collections and get our ⁠MBC token token daily staking rewards.

💎 You get 0.001 MBC daily for staking 1 NFT.

🚩 Your ⁠holder roles in our community will be saved if you put your NFT into staking.

🚩 Husky Friends NFT collection is not supported for staking.

⭐ How to start staking? ⭐

▶️ Open our staking link below into your mobile wallet browser or in desktop browser with wallet extension.

▶️ Click STAKE button to stake each NFT. Or click STAKE ALL to stake all your NFT.

⭐ How to claim staking rewards? ⭐

▶️ Switch to STAKED section.

▶️ Click CLAIM ALL.

⭐ Staking link ⭐

▶️ https://mad-bears-club.floppylabs.io/

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