🐻MBC Token

We have our token Mad Bears Club (MBC) which represents an approach to cryptocurrency investing with long-term holding and passive income from staking and yield farming.

You can put MBC token into ⁠staking and farming to get USDC rewards. We have MBC holder roles with governance power. Our MBC holders get access to our alpha tools. We make regular MBC raffles. We use profit from our ⁠investments with MBC trading fees income for staking, farming rewards and regular buyback MBC token from the market to raise MBC price.

⭐ Buy MBC ⭐

You can buy MBC tokens in our on-going pre-sale with lower price 0.25$ USDC and guaranteed allocation.

▶️ Buy MBC tokens in pre sale

We have liquidity pool on Raydium and Orca for MBC token.

✅ MBC token was validated on Jupiter aggregator in strict token list. So you can buy MBC tokens on Jupiter.

▶️ SOL to MBC

▶️ USDC to MBC

⭐ MBC price and chart ⭐

You can check the price and chart of MBC token on Birdeye, DexScreener or DexTools.

▶️ Birdeye

🌟 On DexScreener MBC token have the extended token info.

▶️ DexScreener

▶️ DexTools

MBC token was listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and DropsTab.

▶️ CoinMarketCap

▶️ CoinGecko

▶️ DropsTab

⭐ MBC Security ⭐

MBC token got the best 100/100 security rank on Solsniffer:

▶️ https://www.solsniffer.com/scanner/Ee1pKgTQmP5xjYQs76HmRM2c2YkqEdc9tk5mQbiGFigT

⭐ MBC information ⭐

🚩 Contract address - Ee1pKgTQmP5xjYQs76HmRM2c2YkqEdc9tk5mQbiGFigT.

🚩 Supply - 1,000,000.

🚩 Ownership renounced and mint authority revoked.

🚩 LP burned and liquidity locked.

🚩 Zero buy and sell tax.

🚩 Metadata immutable.

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