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MBC Token

We have our token Mad Bears Club (MBC) which represents approach to cryptocurrency investing with long-term holding.
The purpose of MBC token is to reward our investors for their commitment to long-term investment with yield farming stable return. By holding MBC token you become part of a passionate and supportive Web3 community of like-minded individuals who believe in the long-term success of our project. You can put MBC token into ⁠farming to get USDC rewards. We have MBC roles with governance power. We make regular ⁠NFT raffles for MBC token. We share profit from our ⁠investments with our MBC holders with farming rewards and make regular buyback MBC token from the market to raise MBC price.
⭐ Buy MBC ⭐
We have liquidity pool on Raydium for MBC token.
▶️ You can buy MBC token with Phantom or Solflare wallets. Switch to swap tokens section and search for MBC.
MBC token was validated on Jupiter aggregator in strict token list.
▶️ SOL to MBC​
▶️ USDC to MBC​
⭐ MBC price and chart ⭐
You can check the price and chart of MBC token on Birdeye.
▶️ Birdeye​
MBC token was listed on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap and DropsTab.
▶️ CoinGecko​
▶️ CoinMarketCap​
▶️ DropsTab​
🚩 You can check the price of MBC token also in the top section of our Discord.
🚩 MBC contract address - Ee1pKgTQmP5xjYQs76HmRM2c2YkqEdc9tk5mQbiGFigT.