Mad Bears Club

Alpha Tools

We run great number of alpha tools for comprehensive NFT, crypto and stocks markets analysis in private Discord channels for holders our NFT collections.
Our tools give you the possibility to have constant income from trading and investing. Also we provide our own market analytics, profitable NFT and crypto signals, educational courses, Web3 job board and ChatGPT integration. 💎 NFT market analysis tools.
💎 Crypto market analysis tools.
💎 Stock market analysis tools.
💎 Information tools provide you news sources from crypto and NFT world.
💎 We provide our own market analytics.
💎 We provide NFT signals with profitable calls with a very high success rate.
💎 We provide crypto signals with good buy/sell opportunities and also new listings alerts.
💎 We provide guides and educational courses about NFT and crypto markets for our holders.
💎 Web3 job board provide your actual vacancies in Web3 space.
💎 ChatGPT Discord integration with paid API and fast and immediate answers from ChatGPT.
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