🍥MBC Farming

Our holders can provide ⁠MBC token/USDC liquidity and earn USDC rewards plus 0.25% trading fees volume in our farming pool on Raydium.

⭐ How to start farming? ⭐

▶️ Open farming link below in your mobile wallet browser or in desktop browser with wallet extension.

▶️ Enter MBC and USDC tokens amount you want to add to the farming pool.

▶️ Push Add Liquidity button and confirm transaction in your wallet. Once you've added liquidity and you'll get LP (liquidity provider) tokens.

▶️ Switch to Stake Liquidity section and select 100% amount. Click Stake Liquidity button. Approve transaction in your wallet.

▶️ Now you should start earning USDC rewards for farming.

⭐ How to claim rewards? ⭐

▶️ Open My Portfolio link.

▶️ Click Harvest button.

⭐ Farming link ⭐

▶️ https://raydium.io/liquidity/increase/?mode=stake&pool_id=6wnz14fhCZzMsBVG7ooB5eP3aPNkhEMrJ5FrqRFt8xF4.

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