🤑Holders Plan

We offer our holders plan that will bring our community to mutual benefit and financial prosperity.

We apply to our holders follow our plan. Any actions against our plan injure our project and postpone our success. The more holders support us in this plan with regular actions the faster it will be released.

⭐ We need to reach the price of MBC token 100$ per token ⭐

▶️ HODL MBC token.

▶️ Put MBC token into ⁠staking and farming to get passive income with USDC rewards.

▶️ Buy ⁠MBC token regularly.

▶️ Don't sell MBC token until it will reach 100$.

⭐ We need to reach the price of our NFT collections 1 SOL per NFT ⭐

▶️ HODL your NFT.

▶️ Put your NFT into ⁠staking to get ⁠MBC token staking rewards.

▶️ Sweep the floor for our ⁠NFT collections regularly.

▶️ Don't sell your NFT until they will reach 1 SOL FP.

🌟 We'll be making the same actions from our side daily to make our plan fulfil. This plan will get our project in the top trading volumes and will attract more investors and holders in our ecosystem. Finally it will bring for all of us great investment returns when our MBC token and NFT will reach target prices.

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