🌸NFT Lending

We provide SOL loans for our ⁠NFT collections on Banx lending platform. Also everyone can provide SOL liquidity and get profit from fees.

⭐ How take SOL loans for our NFT on Banx? ⭐

▶️ Open borrow link - https://banx.gg/borrow.

▶️ Select our NFT you want to borrow against.

▶️ Approve transaction in your wallet.

⭐ How to return your loan and get NFT back? ⭐

▶️ Open my loans link - https://banx.gg/loans.

▶️ Select NFT and push Repay button.

▶️ Approve transaction in your wallet.

🚩Guide from Banx how to borrow.

⭐ How to provide SOL liquidity and earn fees? ⭐

▶️ Open lend link - https://banx.gg/lend.

▶️ Search NFT collection for which you would like to lend SOL against.

▶️ In place offer tab, create loan offers for that collection.

🚩Guide from Banx how to lend.

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