▶️ Working ✅ Released
💎 Investments 💎
✅ We generate profit through smart, data-driven investment strategies and risk management.
✅ We use profit from our investments for regular buyback our NFT collections and MBC token from the market to raise the price.
▶️ We raise more funds for our investments.
💎 MBC Token 💎
✅ We launch Mad Bears Club (MBC) which represents an approach to cryptocurrency investing with long-term holding and passive income from staking and yield farming.
✅ We renounce ownership and revoke mint authority for MBC token.
✅ We burn LP and lock liquidity for MBC token.
✅ We make metadata immutable for MBC token.
✅ We get good score in risky analysis for MBC token on
✅ We run MBC token farming pool on Raydium with USDC rewards.
✅ We run staking pool for MBC token with USDC rewards.
✅ Our MBC token holders can get holder roles in our community with governance power.
✅ We add support of MBC token on Monet raffles platform.
✅ We verify MBC token on Jupiter aggregator in strict token list.
✅ We list MBC token on CoinGecko.
✅ We list MBC token on CoinMarketCap.
✅ We list MBC token on DropsTab.
✅ We add support of MBC token on Helio for payments solutions with MBC.
▶️ We reach 100$ price for MBC token.
💎 NFT Collections 💎
✅ We launch NFT collections.
✅ We run staking for our NFT with MBC token daily staking rewards.
✅ Our holders can get holder roles in our community with governance power.
✅ We provide lending for our NFT so our holders can take SOL loans against our NFT.
✅ Our holders get access to our alpha tools.
▶️ We reach 1 SOL floor price for our NFT.
💎 Alpha Tools 💎
✅ We provide access to all Moneypenny premium trading tools for tokens and NFT market.
✅ We provide access to all Lunacy Labs tracking tools for comprehensive NFT and crypto market analysis.
✅ We provide SOL Decoder tools for NFT market analysis.
✅ We provide hodl bot crypto signals and CEX listings alerts.
✅ We provide crypto market analytics signals from
✅ We provide NFT AI signals from Law Breakers.
✅ We provide wallet trackers for about 50 influencers, investors and whales.
✅ We provide news sources from crypto and NFT world from leading news agencies and trusted websites.
✅ We provide NFT schedule for all daily mints.
✅ We provide exclusive whitelists spots on Subber for hot upcoming NFT projects.
✅ We run AI tools and provide ChatGPT AI Discord integration from OpenAI with paid API and AI image generator.
✅ We run Web3 job board where you can browse actual vacancies in Web3 space.
✅ We provide our crypto market analytics and research with valuable insights and data-driven strategies.
✅ We provide about 50 educational guides and courses about how to earn in crypto and NFT markets.
▶️ We work for support, update and bring new and useful alpha tools for our holders.
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