Mad Bears Club

Schedule Tools

NFT schedule mints tools provide you daily schedule for all NFT mints so you can find high quality new collections to mint.
💎 Channel with detailed analysis of all daily mints on Solana along with Twitter and Discord stats so you can easily track and find high quality mints. This will allow you to:
  • Have access to the top list of mints of the day. Don't miss projects anymore!
  • Have access to the total amount of Discord members and how many are online. There will also be a 'Bot' ranking to qualify the health of the Discord server. You won't get fooled anymore by Discords full of bots.
  • Have access to the total amount of Twitter followers and the average of Like, RT, comments of their last 5 tweets to make sure their interactions are representative of their volume. You won't get fooled by projects purchasing followers anymore.
  • Supply, price, time of the mint.
💎 Channel channel with one hour mints reminder on Solana so you easily join all new mints. An hour before one of the daily mints comes out, this channel will show the mint info, recent searches from Discord and the last two official tweets from their team.
💎 Channel channel with scheduled time list of all daily mints on Solana.
💎 Channel with daily mints lists with votes from popular DAOs and communities so you can easily find hyped mints.
💎 Channel with hyped Solana mints schedule with votes.
💎 Channel with daily mints reviews with information about upcoming mints with rating if the mint is worth minting or not on a daily basis. We provide information what to mint, what to quick flip, what to avoid.