🤖Alpha Bots

We have ⁠Moneypenny, ⁠Lunacylabs and ⁠Sol Decoder tools. We provide ⁠HODL crypto signals and ⁠Lawbreakers NFT signals.

We run news feeds with crypto and NFT news. We provide NFT schedule for all daily mints and WL spots for NFT projects. We have Web3 job board.

We empower traders and investors by offering a detailed understanding of market trends, price movements and emerging opportunities in the crypto and NFT space. We utilize sophisticated algorithms to gauge market sentiment from various sources, including social media and news. Our tools provide with short-term and long-term price predictions helping to plan your trading strategies effectively.

You can access real-time data and customized alerts to stay updated on significant market movements. We provide regular market intelligence reports with real-time alerts and notifications about market events, price changes and trading opportunities.

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