Mad Bears Club


You can stake NFT from our collections and get BEAR token staking rewards!
⭐ Staking daily rewards ⭐
For Mad Bears collection: 1 NFT staked daily – 1 BEAR
For Husky World collection: 1 NFT staked daily – 0.7 BEAR
For Flip Girls collection: 1 NFT staked daily – 0.5 BEAR
⭐ Staking information ⭐
🚩 We've non-custodial staking so you can stake all your NFT and your holder roles in our community will be saved.
🚩 We support 30 days auto-staking. So you need to pay staking fees just once and after 30 days all your NFT will be restaked automatically without paying any fees.
🚩 We have no lockup periods, so you can withdraw your BEAR tokens whenever you want.
🚩 Our BEAR token doesn’t have decimals. Don't withdraw if you have less than 1 BEAR on your staking balance. It won't work.
🚩 To get earned from staking BEAR tokens you need to click Withdraw button. You will see BEAR tokens in NFT section of your wallet.
⭐ Staking link ⭐
🔽 Stake with the link below 🔽