NFT Collections

We launch NFT collections to provide our holders exclusive rewards utilities and Web3 tools.
Owning one of our NFTs means you're part of a Web3 club with limitless potential for future value. We offer stable income for our holders with staking and farming pools. We provide our holders sweep to earn program. Also our holders get access to our Web3 alpha tools, AI tools, Web3 education and Web3 analytics. ⭐ Buy NFT ⭐
You can buy and sell our NFT on Magic Eden or Tensor marketplaces and check rarity on HowRare.
⭐ NFT roles ⭐
Holders of our NFT can make be verified with Matrica and get holders roles in our community to get access to our ⁠hholders chat, ⁠web3 tools, ⁠ai tools, ⁠web3 education and ⁠web3 analytics.
⭐ Staking ⭐
Our NFT you can put into ⁠staking to get our native tokens daily rewards.
⭐ Farming ⭐
You can put our native token from into ⁠farming to earn SOL or USDC.