Mad Bears Club


Our vision
Mad Bears Club is an investment company focused on crypto assets and DeFi. We launch NFT collections and build community around our native BEAR token. We provide analytics tools, market insights, alpha calls and educational courses. Our mission is to diversify our investments, generate multiple revenue streams, community growth and our holders prosperity.
We make investments in blockchains, tokens, NFT, liquidity pools and lending protocols to build sustainable revenue through a smart investment portfolio. We run NFT collections to raise capital.
In Mad Bears club we have our native token BEAR. You can get BEAR token for free by staking NFT from our collections. We distribute the profit from our investments to boost the value of BEAR. The purpose of BEAR is to provide stable income for our holders.
We run great number of market analytics tools for comprehensive NFT, crypto and stocks markets analysis in about 70 private Discord channels for our holders. Our tools give you the possibility to have constant income from trading, flipping and investing. Also we provide Web3 job board and ChatGPT integration.
We provide market analytics, alpha calls and education courses for our holders.
We build the most tight-knit and empowered community of NFT and crypto lovers who passionate about learning, growing and earning in Web3. We believe in the power of Web3 and its ability to bridge gaps, to link anyone and anywhere to decentralized web of opportunities.
We make community-focused project with confidence, consistency and transparency, establishing an elite brand for our community that is here to stay.
Our community is the place where unique minds merge, come together and create a respectful and loving place that anyone can call home.
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