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Our vision
Mad Bears Club is an Web3 investment company. We make investments in crypto market. We publish our analytics on Reddit, operate our Web3 media and run Web3 educational portal. We have our token Mad Bears Club (MBC) with yield farming stable return and NFT collections. Our mission is community growth and our holders prosperity.
We brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our investment decisions constantly staying ahead of market trends and technologies. We use advanced tools and in-depth research to identify investment opportunities that align with our risk tolerance and objectives. Our goal is to generate profit through smart, data-driven investment strategies and risk management.
We publish our crypto market analytics on Reddit. We provide valuable insights and data-driven strategies. We analyze trends and make research to empower our members to navigate the dynamic crypto market landscape with confidence.
We operate our Web3 media with news, research and educational content about crypto and NFT markets. We publish regular updates with content for investors who passionate about learning, growing and earning in Web3 world.
We run our Web3 educational portal with courses about crypto and NFT markets. You can discover a diverse range of courses and learn from industry experts.
We have our token Mad Bears Club (MBC) which represents approach to cryptocurrency investing with long-term holding. The purpose of MBC token is to reward our investors for their commitment to long-term investment with yield farming stable return. By holding MBC token you become part of a passionate and supportive Web3 community of like-minded individuals who believe in the long-term success of our project. You can put MBC token into ⁠farming to get USDC rewards. We have MBC roles with governance power. We make regular ⁠NFT raffles for MBC token. We share profit from our ⁠investments with our MBC holders with farming rewards and make regular buyback MBC token from the market to raise MBC price.
We have our NFT collections. Our holders can put our NFT into ⁠staking to get ⁠MBC token daily staking rewards. We have ⁠NFT roles with governance power. Our holders get access to our ⁠alpha tools. We provide ⁠liquidity pools and ⁠lending for our NFT. The profit from our investments we use for regular buyback NFT from the market to raise NFT price.
We believe in the power of Web3 and its ability to bridge gaps, to link anyone and anywhere to decentralized web of opportunities. We make community-focused project with confidence, consistency and transparency, establishing an elite brand for our community that is here to stay. Our community is the place where unique minds merge, come together and create a respectful and loving place that anyone can call home.
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