🟡 Alex Packer - Founder
Alex is passionate investor in NFT, DeFi, crypto and Web3 enthusiast. He's adept of Web 3 what is the perfect place to create empowered community of NFT and crypto investors. He's professional in long-term value investments, Trad-Fi and DeFI capital. He takes financial responsibility to the holders and investors and build a respectful and loving place Web3 community that anyone can call home.
⚪ Julia - Artist
Julia has a wealth of experience in creating popular NFT collections. She has diverse experience of global creative projects including illustration for established companies. She's professional in using graphic tools and generating NFT art. She works also for artworks for website design, company promotions and further artworks enhancements.
⚪ Azovich - Artist
Azovich, a visionary NFT artist, seamlessly merges art and technology to create captivating digital masterpieces. With a background rooted in traditional art, Azovich's foray into NFTs has redefined creativity. She champions the democratization of creative expression in the digital age, inspiring artists and viewers worldwide.
🔵 Skywalker - Moderator
Skywalker is friendly, fun and supportive to members in meeting up to all their inquiries and questions, welcoming and making them feel at home. 100% reliable and remarkably devoted to supporting the community in any areas necessary to the very best of his ability. He has a deep understanding of the community and helps enlightening members about the community.
🔵 Peter - Moderator
Peter is responsible for maintaining a positive and organized environment within our community. He is collaborating with other NFT projects and make important decisions about the community's direction, rules and improvements. Peter constantly collects the feedback from community members to continuously improve the community's functionality, features and overall experience.
🟢 Collaboration Managers Team
We have experienced collaborations managers to make collaborations with other NFT communities and Web3 projects to bring new members in our server. We make premium collabs with giveaways, Alphabot, LuckyGo, Subber, Atlas and Twitter collabs. Our collaboration mangers provide our members whitelists spots from top NFT projects and give our whitelist spots to other NFT communities and DAO.