Mad Bears Club


⚪ Alex Packer - Founder
Alex is passionate about trading cryptocurrencies and Web3 ecosystems. He's adept of Solana blockchain what is the perfect place to create lasting community and invest in upcoming and promising projects. He's professional in building brands, creating communities, art history and branding. He has vast experience in creating Solana collections with strategic experience in building global projects.
🟡 Julia - Artist
Julia has a wealth of experience in creating popular NFT collections. She has diverse exper of global creative projects including illustration for established companies. She's professional in using graphic and illustration tools and generating NFT art. She works also for artworks for website design, company promotions and further utility enhancements.
🔵 Harby - Moderator
Harby is a certified moderator who aims to bringing the best work for our community and our project. He has a lot of experience in NFT world with building and supporting large NFT communities. He constantly bring new ideas and initiatives for the growth of our server. He's very outspoken and strict at following instructions.
🟢 Rage NFT - Head Collab Manager
Rage is a very experienced head of collaboration managers. He worked with 20+ successful projects and has a wealth of experience in making collaborations with other projects and checking them. He is focused on growing our community in Discord with premium and quality collaborations with social media marketing.
🟠 LaunchMyNFT Team - Developers
LaunchMyNFT is the fast growing launchpad platform and comprehensive end-to-end solution. Team of LaunchMyNFT are entrepreneurs, developers and our guides. They help us to to launch our project and quickly solve any technical problems and support constant stability of our project in all stages. LaunchMyNFT is our trusted partner in high volume NFT live minting.