Mad Bears Club

Holder Benefits

By becoming our holder you'll get benefits.
💎 BEAR token staking Our holders can put their NFT into staking and get our native BEAR token free daily rewards.
💎 BEAR token swap Our holders can make instant swaps for BEAR token in SOL and USDC and back.
💎 BEAR token farming Our holders can provide liquidity for BEAR token and earn SOL rewards in our ecosystem farm.
💎 Bear NFT raffles and auctions Our holders can create NFT raffles and auctions for BEAR token.
💎 BEAR flip game Our holders can play play double on nothing game with BEAR token bets on FFFlip.
💎 Liquidity pools Our holders can instantly sell our NFT and buy them for the best prices in liquidity pools.
💎 Lending Our holders can get instant SOL loans for our NFT on Sharky lending platform.
💎 Market analytics tools Our holders get access to our market analytics tools for comprehensive NFT, crypto and stocks markets analysis in about 70 private Discord channels.
💎 Web3 job board Our holders get access to Web3 job board.
💎 ChatGPT integration Our holders get access to ChatGPT Discord integration with paid API and fast and immediate answers from ChatGPT.
💎 Market analytics and insights Our holders get access to our analytics and insights for NFT, crypto and stocks markets and to our special alpha chat where we discuss market sentiment.
💎 Alpha calls Our holders get access to alpha calls for upcoming NFT projects and for secondary market from the best in the industry alpha callers.
💎 Educational courses Our holders get access to exclusive and comprehensive educational courses about NFT, crypto and stocks markets.
💎 Eligible for WL mint Our holders are eligible for WL mint sales for all our future collections.