We distribute the profit from our mints and royalties income in our farming pools on Raydium. Our holders can provide liquidity with our native tokens from staking and earn SOL or USDC rewards.
⭐ How to start farming? ⭐
▶️ Open farming pool link below in your mobile wallet browser or in desktop browser with wallet extension.
▶️ Click on the +.
▶️ Select amount of liquidity you want to add to the farming pool.
▶️ Select Confirm and click Add Liquidity. Approve transaction in your wallet.
▶️ Once you've added liquidity and you'll get LP tokens in your wallet.
▶️ Open farming pool link below again and click Start Farming.
▶️ Click MAX to stake all LP tokens. Then click Stake LP. Approve transaction in your wallet.
▶️ After the transaction confirms, you should now earning rewards. You can see them on pending rewards.
⭐ How to stop farming? ⭐
▶️ Scroll to bottom and find Your liquidity section.
▶️ Find the farming pool and click on it.
▶️ Click Remove Liquidity button (–).
⭐ Farming pools links ⭐