Mad Bears Club

ChatGPT Bot

We have integration in our Discord ChatGPT from OpenAI for our holders. We use paid API for this integration which give us fast and immediate answers from ChatGPT.
Our holders can have chat with ChatGPT and get answers for any questions with a lot of other possibilities:
▶️ Answer questions on just about anything. It remembers the history of the conversation, so you can have an evolving conversation.
▶️ Write tweets for you, and give business advice (acting as a marketer, growth hacker, web consultant).
▶️ Write code for you in any coding language, explain complicated pieces of code, and write Excel formulas for you given a description.
▶️ Do your homework and translate phrases for you into any language.
▶️ Write songs, poems, stories, in the style of famous musicians or authors.
▶️ Gives you ideas on different topics. What to do for a birthday party, what types of foods to eat based on criteria, etc...